March Resist With Action Calendar

March’s calendar is out!

A couple of crucial dates this month: Women’s Day Strike, International Day Against Police Brutality, and the deadline of the debt limit.┬áParticipate in local activities that raise awareness! That’s not the only thing you can do: show appreciation for women you work with, or if you feel your local law enforcement team have done a good job of protecting your community, thank them for their hard work.

While the average citizen might not be able to directly influence our representatives re: deadline for raising the debt limit, participation comes in the form of educating yourself. How does the government deal with the debt limit? What will change? What might the world look like if the U.S. defaults on its loans? Read about the history of the U.S. debt ceiling, and what might happen on and after March 17th.

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Supplementary resources for March’s calendar will be published soon!

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