Chengdu, Early January 2017

New year, new camera.

I took a stroll around the block for some of the pictures of Chengdu’s alleyways. Other pictures are from a lovely Sunday trip through the Wang Jiang Lou, a park hosting a plethora of bamboo species, common, exotic, and rare.

Chengdu has a similar color palette to Taipei: the greenery of leaves against the flat shades of grey cement. 
A neighborhood game of mahjong. 
A back alley barber shop. 
The winding back alleys of the city provide Chengdu with some air of romantic mystery.
Graffiti isn’t a common sighting; this radical splash hasn’t been painted over yet, and offers a welcome deviance from governmental order and control. 
Trees are painted white help reflect sunlight and prevent the bark from splitting due to temperature change. 
The bamboo groves house different public areas for exercise, tai chi, or if you look closely: chef’s phone call breaks during lunch. 
This lady maintains a serious face as she dances along with the community Chinese orchestra concert greeting the new year.