Resist With Action Calendar

It’s been a few hard weeks; seems funny to have celebrated the end of 2016 just a few weeks ago.

In seeking self empowerment through education and creative initiative, I found myself somewhat idealistically expecting precisely a ‘feed’ of a reliable political resource. I found none I could easily trust. So this is my way of 1. Educating myself, and 2. Normalizing political participation. And arting about it.

I will be releasing a new calendar each month with a list of dates and political activities to voice your vote, opinion, or support other political agendas that matter to you.

The images were composed from images of the protestors attending the Women’s March on the weekend of President Trump’s Inauguration.

Screen Shot 2017-02-07 at 11.40.23 PM.png

Click here to download the Calendar Cover, where you can write down the phone numbers and Twitter handle of your elected officials.


Click here to download the month of February, with dates and ways to participate in current events in February.

Feedback welcome. For more political news stories and important events/ways to participate, connect with us @ResistWAxn on Twitter.

For future calendars and access to the archive, visit 

If you’d like to donate to the cause, please direct your funds to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) as they continue to defend and fight for our Constitutional rights.

Understanding Race and Privilege Syllabus

Good creative design is integral to understanding an effective way to education or spread a message. At this moment, the onus and emotional burden is on the people who are already suffering oppression to hold enough space and patience to educate the privileged majority on how the advantages of privilege come at a price to others. How do we bridge this ravine of white fragility and privileged defensiveness with the openness and desire to empathize and grow a healthier society in the long run?

How do we design these conversations? How do we cultivate these interests to become more accountable to improving the health of a culture and society as a whole? I believe through immersive art and technology, the capabilities to unite empathy will become greater and I daresay… more fun. Not to gloss over the pain and violence of oppression, but to seek a way to move forward together, across the spectrums of pigmentation.

Check Out The Syllabus