Taipei on Monday December 27

0900 – 1000 hours

High of 61, low of 55  | Possible precipitation (60%)

Travel through Song Shan and Xinyi districts by bike

Taipei eslite
Eslite Bookstore/Taipei New Horizons
Eslite Bookstore parking ramp
Oil barrel plants
Most construction sites on major roads or boulevards are decorated with living walls, a sign of climate conscientiousness and eco friendly design. Here are industrial oil barrels repurposed– the giant construction going on in the background will be the ginormous Taipei Arena on Guangfu Bei Road.
Garden songshan
The converted tobacco factory of the Songshan Creative Cultural compound hosts a ‘baroque’ style garden
A quiet corner of the Songshan Cultural Creative compound.
Bike Taipei
My ride through Taipei, outside of Good Cho’s Cafe

Taipei postman drops mail off at Good Cho’s

Usually not the person who snaps pics of their food, but the smoked duck bagel sandwich is my favorite sandwich in the world.


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